How We Help

We provide wishes for children aged 0-18 who have life-threatening illnesses. The parents or carers of children in this situation apply to us, with the support of one of their health care professionals, for a gift, equipment or an experience which will help their child cope through their dark days.

Wishes average a value of £500 and can be for anything and everything from medical aids and equipment, toys, bedroom makeovers, outside play equipment, days out, shopping vouchers, electronic devices, arts and crafts, funds to help with transport costs etc. Our aim is that the wishes help these children through extremely challenging circumstances and provide special memories for those around them.

We grant over 300 wishes per year, to children based across the UK. We’d love to grant more, as there are many more children and families who need help, and are working hard to raise the funds to do so, and to ensure that families are aware that they can apply to us.

Examples of Wishes

We know that little things can have a big impact and that time spent with family is priceless.  Any request for a wish is discussed with families and the relevant health care professional to ensure that it supports the child as much as possible.

We pride ourselves on being flexible in our response to wish requests, including being able to respond very quickly in urgent situations.  We have arranged birthday parties, trips out and other family events such as photography sessions at short notice so that important milestones can be celebrated or special memories made.

Many seriously ill children spend weeks if not months in hospital, and electronic toys are a great boost to keep them entertained, or to enable them to stay in contact with their friends. In other situations, especially during the COVID pandemic, unwell children need to shelter and may not be able to leave their house for long periods of time so new bedroom furniture and decoration, or outside play equipment which the family can use safely together, can provide much needed emotional support. In some situations, children need specialised equipment to help with day to day living which the family can not afford, or alternative therapy treatments to compliment the medical treatments being received in hospital.

We help teenagers as well as babies and young children, and pay careful attention to providing wishes that are age appropriate. Shopping vouchers are often requested by older children who understandably want to raise their spirits with new clothes or even a nice wig to help them cope with hair loss.


Help make wishes come true

Current data suggests that 12 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every day, and that 1,900 children under the age of 14 in the UK are diagnosed each year. More children are diagnosed with a range of other, often rare, conditions and illnesses that are also life-threatening. Molly Olly’s Wishes is committed to helping as many of these children and their families as possible, and works hard to raise the necessary funds to be able to help those who contact us. You can help us do this by making a donation, joining in with our fundraising events, running your own events, using Give as You Live when you are shopping, and by leaving a legacy in your will. Please visit our Support Us page to find out how you can help.

Every donation, whatever size, helps a seriously unwell child. 

Apply for a wish

To apply for a wish, download our application form. Complete the form and post or email to Molly Olly’s Wishes. A representative from the team will then be in touch with you to discuss the wish. Please make sure that you get the application form signed by one of your child’s health care professionals.

If you have any queries, please email