Legacy Bequests

Molly Olly’s Wishes is very fortunate to have received legacies from families of friends and supporters, and those the Charity has helped. We are extremely grateful that in such dark times, these donors think of others who are suffering and are generously wishing to help. We are delighted also that some of our supporters wish to leave a charitable legacy to Molly Olly’s Wishes in their wills, and we extend our huge gratitude to these people too.  All of these donors are very special Friends of Olly The Brave.

How to Arrange a Legacy Bequest

A legacy bequest enables you to support Molly Olly’s Wishes in a way which may not be practical or possible during your lifetime. It can be arranged easily, either by including your bequest in a new will, or adding it as a codicil to an existing will.

There are several types of legacy, the most common being a pecuniary legacy which defines a specific sum to be left to a particular recipient, for example our Charity. There are other types also, and we recommend that you seek professional legal advice to decide what is right for you.

It is worth knowing that legacy giving is highly tax-effective as it reduces the overall Inheritance Tax on your estate and is free of Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax.

Any legacy is much appreciated by us, irrespective of size, but in deciding you may wish to be aware how much our help to children with life threatening or life limiting illnesses costs:

  • £60 will provide an Olly The Brave and set of 6 books to a child
  • £500 is the average cost of a wish for a child
  • £1,200 will provide a box of 20 Olly The Braves and books for a hospital
  • £6,000 will enable us to help 12 families with wishes (12 children and young people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer every day)

Friends of Olly The Brave

We are keen to thank Friends of Olly the Brave during their lifetimes, wherever possible, and so ask that those who are planning to leave a legacy to the Charity complete our Legacy Bequest Pledge Form.  We understand that your will is a private matter, and we do not ask that donors share with us the size of any bequest, though we are happy should you wish to do so. We absolutely respect any request for anonymity. However, it is very helpful for us to have an indication of future legacy donations and, where possible, we would like to acknowledge your generosity. If you are willing to complete the form attached, please email it to rachel@mollyolly.co.uk or post it to:

Molly Olly’s Wishes, First Floor Office, 1 Swan Street, Warwick, CV4 4BJ

Friends of Olly The Brave receive:

  • A special Olly The Brave lion soft toy as a memento
  • Regular information about the Charity’s achievements and plans
  • The opportunity to attend Charity events, including to purchase tickets for our sell-out Annual Ball
  • Recognition/acknowledgement within the Charity’s promotional material if desired

Contact us

Making a decision to leave a legacy to a Charity is a very personal matter and requires careful consideration. We understand that you may wish to find out more about Molly Olly’s Wishes before making such a decision, and we would be delighted to talk to you and to answer any questions you may have. Your confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

Please contact Rachel on 07747 854914 or email her at rachel@mollyolly.co.uk