“If anyone said to me a couple of years ago that I would be climbing Kilimanjaro I would of laughed out loud and said no way! But the funny thing was it was my idea! I remembered saying to Rachel that this was what I wanted to do and there was only one reason for doing it… For Molly Olly Wishes. Why else would I want to walk for hours and days and sleep in a tent?!

It was the most amazing experience that I will never forget but also horrendous at the same time. The weather, storms, terrain and millions of rocks that faced me every day. The people in my group were supportive and so encouraging but it was the African guys that made the trip for me. They were there to pull, push and keep you safe at all times especially on summit night when you thought you couldn’t go on and make it to the top. When hearing that others in different groups had collapsed and were rushed back down the mountain, you were grateful to be alive at the top. The views were out of this world and I could just about smile for the camera. When at the top you then had 5 hours down, 3 if you were quicker. I had two African men to carry me down a little way as my legs would not carry me! At the bottom we were greeted with champagne and lunch and it never felt so good! Would I recommend it? Yes, but not for the faint hearted, there are no washing facilities, just wet wipes……!”

Written by Lucy May, who raised a magnificent £6,148 for Molly Olly’s Wishes. Lucy was Molly’s teacher and now a close friend of the family.

Thank you Lucy x

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