We aren’t able to give direct advice about some of issues that may affect you and your family during the Coronavirus crisis as this is updated so frequently, however we have collated some links to organisations and websites that take you to official and reputable sources of information and support.

Download resources about Coronavirus

Explaining things to Children

We’ve found some excellent links to help you to answer children’s questions and help explain why we need to do things differently, and why they can’t do some of the things they enjoy or see their friends and family.

For People Worried about Children and Young People with Disabilities, Complex or Life Limiting/Life Threatening Health Conditions

There are organisations that provide specific help and support for families with children and young people that have disabilities, complex or life threatening conditions. These resources include frequently asked questions and are updated regularly – click on the download for more information. There’s also a link to a really helpful secure Facebook group where families can discuss how they are feeling and strategies for coping with lockdown.

For People worried about mental health and well-being

Many people have found that the Coronavirus Pandemic situation has brought a lot of additional worries and concerns. Even people who have never had problems with mental health or anxiety in the past have found themselves struggling to cope – whether that’s because of living in isolation or fear of what could happen to them or a loved one, or how their life is changing and wondering whether things will ever get back to normal. If you are worried about your own or someone else’s mental health and well-being there are some really helpful links available in the download.

For People worried about abuse

Evidence has shown that people have been more likely to suffer abuse during the Coronavirus lockdown situation, especially where families are in self-isolation and having little contact with others. You do not have to stay at home if you are in this situation, but we realise that it may be very difficult to think about how you can safely leave, especially if you have a sick or disabled child or young person. There are some links here to organisations with advice and information or people that you can talk to about what to do, these can be found in the document to download for further information.

For People worried about Financial Issues

The Coronavirus pandemic is not just a health issue, it is having an impact on all aspects of society, including workplaces and businesses. Many people are now facing financial hardship with the risk of job losses and financial worries. We’ve found several organisations that can give you help and advice, download to see more information.

Volunteer support networks

If you would like volunteer support and would like to know what is available in your area you can speak to your named nurse or social worker, or contact the Royal Voluntary Service who can advise on where services are located and what they offer: Click here for more information


Many centres and organisations such as art galleries, museums, zoos and parks have lots of ideas and activities on their websites. We’ve also included some useful links and ideas below:

Rainbow Trail

This is a group called “Rainbow Trail” on Facebook, where people are creating rainbow pictures and putting them in their windows for children to find on walks! It makes the most of a trip out of the house for exercise and turns it into a scavenger hunt! Look for those rainbows, look for different bugs, flowers, colours, textures and shapes or listen to the different sounds – especially when there are fewer cars on the roads! 

Rainbow Trail Facebook group

The Maths Factor

A really useful website dedicated to supporting children in Year 2, 3 and 4 with maths. This was free to access during the Covid-19 crisis but will return to be a subscription-based service from 5th July 2020. There will still be a free trial period of 21 days and for the summer period, subsequent fees are half price at £4.99 per month.



This is an online magazine aimed at families. It’s a national webpage with links to local resources and has lots of ideas, information and activities for coping during lockdown and beyond.



This website has free to use, really helpful posters, leaflets and information sheets for helping people with learning disabilities to understand the Coronavirus situation.



Story time

We have gathered a collection of stories created by authors happy to share during this difficult time.



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